1. HackSaw

    I like chicken

  2. Pill

    A girl named Gomez eating Doritos. I think Gilbert Gottfried just creamed his pants.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    It’s the new Doritos “Binge & Purge” flavor. Yum!

  4. noooooooo

    Is the guy in the background photoshopped in or something, he looks so freaky.

  5. who cares?

    i was entirely unaware of the fact that one could look smug whilst eating doritos. touche, bitch.

  6. RebelMinion

    In a moment of unparalleled introspection, Selena thought “This chip may outlast my career”

  7. AbbeyRoad

    Why is Kramer there?

  8. Ksurfiws

    Loving the Paul Simon Photobomb.

  9. Sarah

    The guy in the back looks like Keanu Reeves. Sort of. LOL

  10. babablacksheep

    She looks thrilled to be with Doritos and whoever the crazy guy is – just as long as she isn’t with the recent un-lesbian Bieber.

  11. Cock Dr

    “I like them because they really knock out the nasty Bieber aftertaste”.

  12. friendlyfires

    I’m trying to imagine having more thane Dorito a month … yes, being fat must be very nice, indeed.

  13. knocturnal

    “And Justin is this big”

  14. She didn’t eat it. She posed with it, licked her fingers and then barfed.

  15. Texaschikkita

    Omg that’s my same ‘eating doritos’ outfit

  16. Stewie Griffin

    She thinks they taste even better coming back up.

  17. cutthecrap

    even after an abortion, a bag of Doritos is just what a girl needs!

  18. cc

    Ew, Dorito breath! Straight to oral.

  19. Stewie Griffin

    Isn’t a single Dorito something like 5000 points on the Hollywood Diet?

  20. Fifi

    Lesbeiber-flavored Doritos. Finally. Nom-nom-nom.

  21. GridLock

    OK Selena… you can do this. Just remember what mom said. Take it out. Put it in your mouth. And swallow.

  22. Grand Poobah

    wrong,,,,,big bites really big bites

  23. Strellson

    Don’t stare at it, eat it!!!

  24. Arlmlo Schlongfooster

    Dora the Explorer get the munchies

  25. “She was an American girl, raised on promises. . .”

  26. Dox

    “Doritos? No, these are the fractured remains of Bieber’s soul. Crunchy. Delicious. And purchased for a song… literally.”

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