1. Hugh Jass

    So apparently there’s a type of wood that can support the weight of drunk whores and a sasquatch? I like the guy in the background getting photographic proof of bigfoot.

    • Don Zaloog

      “So apparently there‚Äôs a type of wood that can support the weight of drunk whores and a sasquatch?”
      Why yes there is: MY WOOD! In my wildest dreams. I’d settle for the sasquatch at this point!

  2. clscott645

    Dear God, when did Elvis find time to mate with Snooki?

  3. Murph

    Is this some sort of classy bar for fat girls?

  4. :::Godzilla roar:::

  5. eab74

    Wait. Snooki has an older sister? Yeesh

  6. Bucky Barnes

    Wait, I’ve seen these two before. It’s Bertha and Beula Butt of The Butt Sisters…

  7. noooooooo

    Whoever took the picture should be in hiding, looks like they were doing a mating dance and no one wants to get raped by a gorilla.

  8. RebelMinion

    When Deena asked the dressmaker if she could create the perfect outfit in her size for her trip to Vegas, the only question that came to mind was.”How many inches in an acre?”

  9. dontlooknow

    I am speechless.

  10. reformed_druid

    When did they move all the Eskimo women to Jersey?

  11. mos rough

    God damn! one her legs looks like those giant sewer pipes…

  12. moe moe moe

    jesus fucking christ…those huge, stumpy legs…those thick ankles…those lumpy, flat fucking feet…i think i’m gonna barf..

  13. At least girls from Jersey have great personalities.

  14. Amigoi

    How the hell is the retarded one considered a star of the Jersey Shore?

  15. hollywood_hillbilly

    Looks like Danny DeVito in drag, only less classy.

  16. Did her Spanx give out on her? That’s one supa-dupa belly! Time to STOP making the doughnuts! Never did like chicks who remove their shoes in a club.

  17. How many Kardashians ARE there?

  18. Johnny P!

    Aw, damn! The “Guntettes” have reunited and I missed it?

  19. They think they’re raising the roof. Reality is, the floor is lowering. Club Owner: This building has a basement? Who knew?

  20. Joe

    Sprinkle the rice on the floor. Sumo’s about to start.

  21. cutthecrap

    ok, wtf is happening with these young bitches with gunts? Do they own fucking mirrors? Seriously, my dinner just came up.

  22. Krusty The Klown


  23. God is Black

    The dude in the back is giving them the finger ,the star version one finger for Star Whores!

  24. Fifi

    Exclusive: Snooki’s ultrasound picture!

  25. sweetlips

    Nice fupa

  26. who invited the fat chick to the fat chick party

  27. Mike Walker

    Scroll a little too far and you can see this god forsaken picture every day.

  28. joho777

    Now I understand why they picked Deena to replace Snooki.

  29. Ripley's Believe It Or Not.

    A word to the wise: NEVER use zoom on this pic.

  30. IAmAGuest

    Pulling out an invisible dookie!

  31. Peter

    I’d sit on her face.

  32. Asiah

    Why, I think they look nice. At least they are comfortable with their bodies!

  33. After mentally calculating the average weight to vagina ratio in that photo, I’m pretty sure…no, very certain…this is not an A-List club.

  34. The Royal Penis

    This is that new trendy dance move called “Putting your tampon in”.

  35. Looks like the Lane Bryant breakroom during free donut day.

  36. Dox

    “Quick honey, its the rare herd of drunken reality whore’s in their natural habitat.”

  37. Eejut

    WWE tryouts.

  38. you are witnessing the invention of the term “ratchet”.

  39. “Cheese ! This bar smells like cheese. “

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