1. Irina Shayk launches a shoe collection in Madrid, Spain…and a boner collection in my pants.

  2. She’s startin to sport one of those Jolie forehead veins. Turn off..

  3. Cock Dr

    Outright nudity would be so much more honest than this sort of teasing.

  4. mos rough

    That’s a sin. How could we have missed the prickliest of all the beauties from Victoria’s Secrets.

  5. Um, I’m a little peeved I can see the shoes, guys. Sheesh.

  6. Arzach

    Only one photo!? And you posted an entire album of an amorphous piece of pale meat (A.K.A. Ke$ha)?
    You are in debt with us with at least the uncensored photos of Vanessa Hudgens.

  7. Stewie Griffin

    Paging Mr George Clooney…Paging Mr George Clooney…your next conquest is waiting for you. There is your future replacement Stacy.

  8. Paully Boston Baby!

    She launches a shoe line and noone notices bc we’re all looking at her tits.

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