1. Obi-wan has really let himself go…although his tan looks great.

  2. Now again, Christ who ISN’T pregnant…?

  3. Raising the bar for racial equality, Tracy Morgan proves Down’s Syndrome is no longer just a “white” thing…

  4. Tony Y

    Glad to see he’s feeling better (he just had a kidney transplant) and back as Tracy Jordan.

  5. noooooooo

    Lucky bastard, gets paid to be a crazy man and do wild antics. Can’t think of a moment on 30 Rock where he’s ever had a taxing situation.

  6. ginaraejones

    please don’t do this ever again. we missed it cuz it’s crap and we don’t care. there’s no point to looking at pictures of dane cook and that troll from the jersey shore without also enjoying at least a hundred words of your brilliant penis wit on their douchebaggery.

  7. Frank Rizzo

    Charlie Sheen’s got nothin on Tracey Jordan’s definition of WIN

  8. Anonymous

    I AM A JEDI.

  9. Manowl

    His midiclorian count is off the charts… and you can see where he keeps’em all

  10. Charmless Man

    I want him to be my only slightly older uncle.

  11. I see that Ke$ha lost her bikini top, and should pick up a bottle of sunscreen.

  12. StayPuftOverlord

    Why does he have a dead baby pooch?

  13. Joe

    I’m Rick James, BITCH!

  14. “Kunta Kinte, I have finally found you…”

  15. Dox

    Execute order…. 69.

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