1. Pill

    The Ghost of Hedi Montag future.

  2. Cock Dr

    Sunglass SOS. Get shades on the bitch right now.

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Wow, this is the best Macaulay Culkin has ever looked!

  4. noooooooo

    At least her shirt is remotely accurate, she’ll cause frenzy or suicides all over with a look like that. Damn I know some stars go undercover but this is too much.

  5. mos rough


  6. H6E6X6

    I like this picture, because compared to this I’m banging a fucking model.

  7. RebelMinion

    In addition to trouble, our little Tori enjoys cooking, where she mashes potatoes with her face.

  8. Nobody likes dirty blonde hippies making troub, especially in Hollywood. Take your hackey sack and go home.

  9. She had her father’s features. He was 112.

  10. Jill Ess

    That’s not Tori, that’s Candice. SW, again with your shotty sources!

  11. friendlyfires

    I had no idea that Popeye and Olive Oyl actually had kids together …!

  12. Donald Sutherland shaved his mustache!

  13. Fifi

    Whorey and Peen: Homo and the Sweet Homewrecker

  14. Fifi

    NEW on Bravo! Whorey and Peen: Homo Meet Homewrecker

  15. mim

    That nose job didn’t last. She should get her money back.

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