1. If his skin were darker that hair would make his head look like a pint of Guinness

  2. Wells

    Buzz Lightyear necklace ? Really ?

  3. Bucky Barnes

    Wow, Amber Rose, looks like you’ve been hitting the gym. Now go back to Kanye and make him YOUR bitch.

  4. dontlooknow

    The white guy disguise ain’t workin’ Pookie, we still know you’re Chris “ouch, my wip” Brown.

  5. He looks like the love child of Eminem and Ice Cube.

  6. Since he’s got Sisqo’s hair can we call him Chrisqo now?? Please say yes.

  7. You now you are in bad shape when you are trying to ride Tim Allen’s popularity coat-tails.

  8. roseY

    Who. Cares.

  9. Mother of the Year

    I find it amazing that everyone is commenting on his hair and Buzz Lightyear yet no one mentions the acid-washed denim jacket that he stole from a skateboarder 25 years ago. On that note, I’m going to burn all Pixar-related items in my children’s toy box. Thanks Chris!

  10. fuzzmonster

    “Shit Spaceman, I dialed a 1 and a 9 and I still can’t reach the bitches on Planet Beatthefuckoutofme.”

  11. justuhbill

    He’s wearing a Buzz Lightyear necklace, but he’s always struck me as a guy who would wear a woody around his neck.

  12. I wasn’t just thinking that he’s the guy that beat Rihanna’s face in :(

  13. Charmless Man

    “Wait a minute! I can’t punch a phone!”

  14. Smilee

    Eve made a comeback!

  15. Stewie Griffin

    What is he shopping for? Brass knuckles???

    • cutthecrap

      nah, talent. He heard there’s a good sale going on when you buy the coat tails of one Michael Jackson, you get to beat Rhianna’s ass for free.

  16. Dox

    With just a touch of a button, he becomes….


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