1. Looks like he’s having a flashback of sleepover at Usher’s house.

  2. viralan

    “No Selena, stop! That’s for Jesus!”

  3. Some girl flashed her boobs at him.

  4. noooooooo

    so… the invisible woman is giving him head through a low sitting fence?

  5. H6E6X6


  6. RebelMinion

    Initially, a rhinestone g-string seemed like a good idea to Justin.

  7. dontlooknow

    Next on the crotch-grabber express is personal jesus Justin Bieber….

  8. He looks like Macaulay Caulkin singing about being home alone…

  9. SuperT

    You just know that his jizz is 80% glitter.

  10. Ruth

    It’s because he realized his zipper is open, ya’ll.

  11. Not a lot of us can say we have a picture of ourselves the exact moment puberty struck.

  12. jenjen

    I’m embarrassed that I even noticed his zipper was down. I swear I’m not a creepy pedophile.

  13. Jess


  14. friendlyfires

    One night with a Kardashian and Justin wonders why it hurts when he makes a wee-wee for Jesus now ….

  15. justuhbill

    Ahh, I remember my first encounter with premature ejaculation…

  16. Bobobo

    This is the moment where Justin Beiber discovered he actually has a penis.

  17. Charmless Man

    “My choreographer said this move was ‘faboo,’ but I feel icky.”

  18. “Mr. Space-Bieber, would you please demonstrate what you did when Space-Usher offered you ‘something to wash down the Jesus-Juice?’”

  19. J

    This is like air guitaring for porn stars.

  20. Dox

    The moment Bieber realized he sold his soul for fame and fortune… but forgot to include talent in the bargain.

  21. cluade balls

    End of Freedom… peeps are idiots.

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