1. This is not at Madam Tassaud’s?

  2. DeucePickle

    This certainly is a random smattering of crazy

  3. Is Padma about to say, “Pack up your old whores and go home”?

  4. Johnny P!

    Deborah: “Call Me!”
    Susan: “Touch-a Touch-a Touch-a Touch Me!”
    Padme: “I’m not understanding what they are saying, but I’m appreciating it…”

  5. Please tell me these are transvestites.

  6. CrashHell

    Janet! Dr. Scott? Rocky! BRAD! Janet? ROCKY! Dr. Scott! Brad?

  7. Needs more beast

  8. tlmck

    Must be filming Old Wives of Beverly Hills.

  9. “Senior discount, bitches!”

  10. I’ll take Women We Stroked It To In The ’70s for $1000, Alex.

  11. They’ve all seen better days, but of course, tits.

  12. Emma Watson's vagina

    oh someone give her some more strawberry ice cream. the first batch did not do anything.

  13. Herpes, Hooters, and Who?

  14. Debbie Harry is looking a lot more like Harry Debbie.

  15. petey

    Susan’s the only one who doesn’t look like a man here. Those other two are DEFINITELY drag queens.

  16. mnsuperbee

    That’s a whole lot of sun damage.

  17. Not that I actually saw it or anything, but I’m pretty sure the one on the right was in a “chicks with dicks” movie.

  18. The three of them are forming a new singing group they intend to call “The Cadavers.”

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