1. johnny P!

    Coming up with utterly lame, at times plagiarized, witless dull barbs to sling at Alec Baldwin is really starting to consume his every waking moment…

  2. Hopefully the NYPD will be highly insulted by this and they beat this idiot to death.

  3. On his way to his audition for “Wooly Willy – The Movie”

  4. Every time I see him he looks like a crazy person who walks around saying “No. No no no no no. NO!” to himself all day long. Just like his movies.

  5. kravdan

    Why couldn’t the mayor issue a ban on douche bags?

  6. ThisWillHurt

    Isn’t it illegal to impersonate an authority figure? Why couldn’t he be in LA where he would’ve been beaten for a minor offense?

  7. tlmck

    I see Homeland Security is on the ball as usual.

  8. A hoodie? Didn’t anyone think to stand their ground?

  9. Don Draper's Dad

    The hoodie was free after a night in the drunk tank after getting beaten by a fat, shirtless man.

  10. “I don’t get very much respect…wait, no…I get very little respect. No, I can do better… I don’t get no respect…That’s a little better…Wait! I think I’ve got it! The whole world thinks I’m a fucking cunt! There! That’s it…”

  11. Shia LeDouche is on my shit list for making me side with Alec Baldwin about anything.

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