1. She’s not doing it right.

  2. amir

    Why on earth would you want to turn your wide, flat ass towards the camera?

  3. Can you just never do that again?


  4. oh clarissa…chunked out but her face looks good, she hasnt aged much

  5. The Burt Wonderstone poster is attempting the trick of making her ass appear smaller. *Gluteus Minimus! *

  6. Turns out Clarissa’s ass explains it all

  7. Jade

    I like the U-Boat pattern. You can’t tell the size of anything with it.

  8. bewbs

    F*ck yo couch, Kim!

  9. *sigh* not another promotion for Oz and the douche behind the curtains.

  10. Clarissa’s got a big ass.

  11. The Incredible Burt Wonderstone is brought to you by Spanx.
    Spanx: You ain’t foolin’ anyone!

  12. I saw her in a movie thriller the other day. She even cussed and stuff. And I, sitting in my rocking chair, thought: Damn, I think I’d like to fuck her…JUST BECAUSE!

  13. emersombiggins

    She,s got a big back yard.

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