1. “Hee, hee, hee…Thank you , vaseline on the camera lens!”

  2. amir

    Why does she always look like a drunk, old whore?

  3. “Overboard”. Greatest American film, ever. Makes ‘Citizen Kane’ look like a pile of shit.

  4. “…Zoloft……Xanax…..”
    (simultaneously breathes in /laughs for 20 seconds)
    “…what’s the difference after 7 martinis!….HAHAHAHAHAHA”

  5. Phoenix

    “…And your little dog too! Ha ha ha ha ha!”

  6. tlmck

    Still crazy after all these years.

  7. “I actually let Dick Nixon fuck me when he was on Laugh-In.”

  8. Makes Kurt dress in fatigues and eyepatch, calls him Snake Plissken. Wait, no that’s what I’d do.

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