1. I’ve seen butts at Wal-Mart…you know, where should be working.

  2. Butt pads? Really?

  3. do they ever ask Robert DeNiro to spin around so they can take pics of his ass? They should, he has a much nicer ass than this one.

  4. i think she looks good…dont understand all the hate, she has a cute little fit body

  5. tlmck

    Eva Kardashian.

  6. She should hit the gym and bring her body back to it’s former sexiness.

  7. Ass looks good, though.

  8. Throb the Wonder Mule

    Ignorant skank. Fuck her without lube

  9. As an advisory notice to all of the people who will be going to Rio next year, this is what all of the stop signs will look like.

  10. Yeah, I’d have that Minnesota gay butt sex with her

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