1. Sigh, remember when old man Axl was a god.

  2. dontkillthemessenger

    I’m starting to think the Sweet Child he was referring to was Little Debbie.

  3. LilDeuceDeuce

    When did Axl Rose become the Leprechaun?

  4. LilDeuceDeuce


  5. Jade

    Why do singers continue to perform long past their expiration date? He’s so chubby he can’t even sing his songs due to being winded, and they sound horrible.

    Did he run through all his money? Or is he just going through a mid-life crisis? Go buy a sports car and retire in peace. You don’t want to be remembered for this.

  6. “Welcome to the buffet, baby! You’re gonna diiiiiiieeeeeeee.”

  7. She’s got eyes like banana cream pies
    served at a free buffet.
    I’d hate to look in to those eye
    and see an empty plate.

    Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh sweet pie o’mine
    Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh it’s time to dine.

  8. Adam

    I always wondered if Bob survived being shot by the Joker.

  9. slash

    “If you think I’m lettin’ Steven Tyler be the only man on earth to autograph three generations of tits in the same family, you got another thing coming!”

  10. Pewpsock

    “Take me down to Kentucky Fried Chicken
    Where the slaw is green and the gravy is thickin’
    Oh won’t you please make some maaaahooooooooooooore!”

  11. Miz Jones

    Shut-up everybody! I like Hank Williams Jr.

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