1. Maria Shriver’s thinking . o O ( goddam cloaking field failed again! )

  2. meeps!

    “Get outta my shot, bitch.”

  3. “paycheck to paycheck” being a concept Oprah had to try several times to explain to Maria.

  4. Maria has that look like Oprah farts smell so bad from so many bad diets.

  5. True Detective Season 2

  6. JimBB


  7. crb

    “Preggers & Stinkface”, the new buddy comedy coming next season on Fox!

  8. JungleRed

    She’s possessed by Teddy’s ghost.

  9. Women Arnold Schwartzenegger has had sex with for $200 please, Alex.

  10. cc

    They are going purse shopping.

  11. The Emperor has a new Sith apprentice.

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