1. Ruckus

    “You sure you can eat this whole thing, ma’am?”

  2. “excuse me miss, could you help me load this rolled up carpet into my unlicensed van, I’ve got this broken arm…”

  3. broduhjenner

    ryan seacrest is wrapped up real tight in there

  4. That boy on the left should offer to help the man with the carpet.

  5. wrynoceros

    so, now the carpet matches the drapes?

  6. fred

    “Careful. Don’t scratch the Mercedes, Mini Ray Romano. Gracias.”

  7. I don’t recognize her in whiteface.

  8. cc

    Zoom you fucking twat of a photographer.

  9. Private Bendjammin

    Another example of how well-off a beard can be in Follywood. A payoff, followed by a smattering of cheesy roles. Then a nice Benz, and enough walking around money to afford items at retailers whose help is dressed nicer than you.

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