1. “And so I told her, ‘Don’t worry baby, you’ll just feel a little prick!’”

  2. “Just a pinch in their drinks!”

  3. “Bill Cosby at the Funny Or Die Clubhouse”

    RIP Bill Cosby

  4. Pilin

    Cool, a funny or die sketch of Morgan Freeman…..

  5. Bazzle Bizzle Shanzzle… Oh good she’s passed out…

  6. Swearin

    “So then you cup one in breast in one hand, and tweak the nipple on the other breast with your other hand. Drives them wild every time, despite their protests otherwise.”

  7. meshuggah Tits

    “You insimmizert the puzzidding pop like this…”

  8. “What’s funny is I gave her too many roofies and she died”

  9. This man is a legend. He deserves nothing but our respe…wow..he’s really simulating a pinched nipple isn’t he…I mean he pioneered wholesome black family enterta…is his other hand pretending to cup a breast?….I mean..he was a pitchman for pudding! How can anyone accus…does his sweater say ‘Hello friend’ like he’s on dateline:to catch a predator????…. ah fuck it i’m out.

  10. Little Tongue

    “… and this is the right way to roll a booger!”

  11. Open wide dear, just a pinch of sugar will help Uncle Bill’s medicine go down.

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