1. Ok, I can do this *don’tlookatthefacedon’tlookattheface*

  2. Pretty sure this is one of Batman’s fetishes…

  3. Yep, I sure would.

  4. You could fry up a pretty decent size breakfast on her forehead.

  5. Heywood Jablomie

    Alfred E. Newman with titz.

  6. waynemoores

    She reminds me of an old saying. “If you want crazy in the bedroom, you better be prepared for crazy in every room in the house.” Your Honor, the prosecution rests.

  7. Joe Blow

    “Uh-oh… she’s starting to get that stabby look again.”

  8. She’s very pretty. I loves her grey eyes.

  9. I think she’s a knockout. But the name “Maitland” should be spelled “Mate-land.”

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