1. That was nice of Kate to share her sinus medication with him.

  2. It’s not unusual to do blow in a cab.

  3. When your mother wants to fulfill a lifelong fantasy of giving Tom Jones a tug in a cab, you just let it happen…

  4. Drugs truly are ruining the African-American community.

  5. “OH MY GOD! Did he fart? Or is that the smell of death?”

  6. Frank Burns

    “And now ladies, ‘Its Not Unusual’ on the Jew’s harp.”

  7. Pudgy fucking cute!

  8. Toe Jam

    If only The Superficial would allow me to Thumbs Up some of the above comments. Oh well…

    • “If only I knew how to create a bullshit Yahoo or Gmail account just for registering on sites like this.”

      Note: The bullshit Yahoo account I set up to register on this site has never been spammed. You get a “Welcome to the Superficial” email—and that’s it. They don’t care about you after that. I mean, a birthday email would be nice…

      • I believe nowadays you don’t even need to bother creating an account elsewhere for verification. Just creating a name & password on this site would do. See how I’m thumbing myself up?

  9. And a drunk-looking Diane Keaton as well.

  10. Why do all the captions for all the pictures say the same thing? Is that just my browser?

  11. Morgan Freeman?

  12. just staring at kate moss made him do crack

  13. “Omigod, there he goes picking his nose again. Watch it ‘cuz he’ll wipe it right in your hair…”

  14. Nonny Moose

    WTF? Is he huffing orange spray paint?

  15. LLBL

    “What the F*ck do you mean that was the last of the coke!!!”

  16. Old Lady Butterteefs is the prettiest thing there.

  17. “What’s New, Pussycat?” Well it sure as shit isn’t YOU!

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