1. Cock Dr

    If it’s a day ending in the letter “Y” then you can bet JNL is playing with the strings on her string bikini….in Miami…with a photographer snap snap snapping away.

  2. Why can’t she ever tie the right side of her bikini? Who does it for all the other pics? Oh, I got it!! The get these shots when he leaves for lunch everyday. Crafty bastards….

  3. Heywood Jablomie

    Queen Elizabeth…the Early Years

  4. There is something really androgynous about it.

  5. ClitCommander

    Why is she always tying up her bikini bottom? Does this bitch not know how to tie a basic knot that will hold?

  6. hijkmno

    mouth breathing twat

  7. Has he considered bottoms without ties? Seems like the logical solution. Just saying.

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