1. Joe Blow

    Wow…. what happened to Sharon Stone?

    • mike

      Just saying that if you skip ahead to the Brice Willis pic, and the comments don’t change, this pretty much makes your fuckin’ week.

  2. alex

    Glenn Close has aged well!

  3. I cant stop looking at that mustache.

  4. dontkillthemessenger

    These 2 look like the Carny Edition of What Not To Wear.

  5. Good God…I wonder if she’s jealous of Lana’s hands…

  6. If there were a few more frills on the outfit, she could be cast on Down Syndrome Abbey.

  7. Smapdi

    If that button is to remind her where to put the lipstick . . .

  8. His addictions had brought him low, and now he was left at the bottom, guarding B-listers, has-beens, and trust-funders. But he still had his mustache. No one could take that away from him.

  9. That looks like Carrie Bradshaw: the Menopause years.

  10. angerinside

    He’s the one who’s the real monster. After all he’ll be the one she gets to kill all the dalmation puppies she collects.

  11. Toe Jam


  12. hijkmno

    I could have done without the glimpse inside Patricia Arquette’s umbilicus.

  13. Inside the paper bag? Stacks & stacks of “free mustache ride” coupons, of course!

  14. “What do you mean, this blouse doesn’t fit me? It’s a ‘Medium’!”

  15. The Hobo-plaid look is coming back

  16. when you’re hideous they put your swag in a paper bag.

  17. I only care about that majestic mustache.

  18. She looks so stylish in her new outfit…”Patricia, who are you wearing tonight?”
    “Huh? I’m not wearing anybody. I’ve just gained a couple of pounds is all.”

  19. Noooo David Crosby, grow your hair back!!!

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