1. Karma's Bastard Child

    Looks like Jon Hamm on the side. Between him and Butler that girl is already in a threesome and doesn’t even know it yet.

  2. That girls sunburn will be just fine since neither of those guys will be on top of her doing anything.

  3. Deacon Jones

    Holy FUCK, what happened to her??

  4. Not pictured: Port-a-potty just off camera in his line of sight.

  5. She’s all like “let me walk out of the water all sexy and see if the famous notices. Maybe he’ll take me out for steak and vodka!”

  6. Holy fuck!?! What happened to Gerard Butler? That man was hot as balls in 300. Is it crack/meth? Or is it actually true that Jennifer Aniston sucks the lifeforce out of men?

  7. Fuck Gerard Butler and the haggis he road in on. What I want to know is who is the tall brunette chick?

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