1. Cock Dr

    Smiling because Hillary is back at home?

  2. Bill’s shark fin popped out when he saw the girl with unresolved daddy issues gently weeping.

  3. “Andrew…. pssst…. Is it true he had a granddaughter?”

  4. ThisWillHurt

    “Kelly Clarkson?!”

  5. This is where Wedding Crashers 2 starts off.

  6. BILL: “Hey, Grandpa…you’re NEXT!”

  7. Which one of these doesn’t match the other? None of them – all three of them are pontificative, asshole liberals whose last name begin with the letter “C”.

  8. Only he could get boner at a funeral.

  9. Pssst…..yo Andy. Check out the one up there on the left. Now THAT’S a cankle!

  10. Toe Jam

    “Do you wanna go fishin’ in the mountains? I wish I could quit you.”

  11. sheesh, anytime I need to nix an unwanted boner, Andrew Cuomo and Ed Koch are my two go to mental images that work everytime – and here’s Slick Willy scoping out the hot poon in the face of the most horrific obstacles, proving he is a real American hero!

  12. “.Why are there so many fat chicks?”
    “…You’re welcome.”

  13. “How many syllables, Mario? How many syllables, Mario? How many syllables, Mario? How many syllables, Mario?”

    “Fuck you, Bill. I’m not dead yet.”

    (No one will get this.)

  14. Ornky


  15. “woo-wee -this is like the super bowl of little black dresses…”

  16. One thing that can be said for Bill Clinton, he doesn’t let things get him down.

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