1. alex

    I love how all of these photo’s catch celebs at award shows and product launch events and then there’s, “Courtney Stodden posted this pic to Twiter.” LOL. Every. Single. Time.

  2. ThisWillHurt

    “I can’t wait for the Super Bowl yesterday!”

  3. She wears more padding than the players in the NFL.

  4. Poor thing.

  5. Two black eyes? Is she banging Chris Brown too?

  6. What will RealDolls start to look like once people start making themselves look like RealDolls?



  7. Man, her husband IS old. Look how far off the placement of that Dirty Sanchez is.

  8. Georgio

    Will be staring in the new movie ” The Inflatables”.

  9. She actually looks kind of cute here. Thank god I’ve got an eye appointment tomorrow.

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