1. There is something weird about this pic. There is a comment about white people and zombies in here.

    • Not yo daddy's gossip

      Strange you say? I thought zombies and white folks go hand-in-hand (Zombie Land, World War Z, etcc).

  2. Get dressed up, suit and tie, but god forbid you comb your hair.

  3. Frank Burns

    That smile, and Joaquin’s messy hair and loose tie, can only mean Sally dropped her infamous “Flying Nun” on Joaquin during the limo ride to the luncheon.

  4. He’s still here.

  5. JP, has fucked his world and acting career up just by the looks of him. How disappointing.

  6. Kael

    Is that Dan Harmon?

  7. “Come here Joaquin. Let me do your hair.”- Gene Wilder

  8. Crazy and unkempt, but a brilliant actor nonetheless.

  9. mike

    “I am not entertained. This is not why I am here.”

  10. Sally

    Pssst! Joaquin, you’re standing on my boob.

  11. “One of these people ran around the block naked while singing “The Battle Hymn of the Republic” in falsetto, then stopped and took a dump on the neighbor’s lawn. Guess which one…”

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