1. JimBB

    He’s calling the director to make sure the girl behind him gets upgraded to a speaking role.

  2. “Wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf, wolf…Ah! Here he is. Let’s see if we can get this mess cleaned up.”

  3. “Just got shot in chest. OMG LOL Somebody send a doctor.”

  4. crb

    “Tried to tell that little twerp yesterday, Sabretooth will smack a bitch. Ahhhhh,… they Never learn.”

  5. Jojojojo

    He’s so hot. SO HOT. What’s the phrase you guys all use? “I’d pee in her butt”? Yeaaaaah

  6. (texting) Naomi, Almost done for the day.Throw the kids in the Radio flyer wagon with no seat belts and bike across town through rush hour traffic and pick me up.

  7. {texting on iPhone}

    I swear to God, Naomi, it’s unbelievable. An ear vagina… she has a goddman ear vagina!”

  8. JO JO

    And Im straight again

  9. A real man does it all weeks of the month.

  10. Jenn

    Ooh, black rubber gloves…sexy.

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