1. “And then she was like ‘Duh… I’m Brandi and I eat carbs’..”

  2. Then Mom, I asked her if she was the one who had the smelly girl parts and she said ‘Dis how chicken smell’”

  3. jep

    Kid: “And then I told mommy LeAnn I loved her thiiiis much.”

    Brandi “Taking my pimp hand out.”

  4. Burn those boots!

  5. “Mom, you know my friend Justin?”
    “Uh huh”
    “His dad wants to bang you. You know my school teacher?”
    “Uh huh”
    “He wants to bang you. You know my gym teacher?”
    “Uh huh”
    She doesn’t wan’t to bang you but asked me to ask you if you would like to ‘bump uglies’.”

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