1. Sweety, it might be time to eat something. I can see through you using your anus…

  2. JimBB

    Take off those damn Google Glasses and give me a hand, you asshole! My new V-stomach is leaking saline!!!

  3. “Keep paddling. I don’t like the look of that sandwich over there.”

  4. These two assholes were made for each other.

  5. son of Flubber

    “Ahoy matey! Land Ho!! Time to plunder dat der booty!!”

  6. kafak

    “What the fuck – why are there only 4 paps here? I called 10 of them!”

  7. cuddles

    “What do you mean I remind you of Lacy Peterson?”

  8. There’s never a 25-foot tiger shark around when you need one.

  9. jep

    “Sigh… Damn paparazzi… Adjust your white balance guys, the sky is kinda overcast!”

  10. In order to insure a committed and vigorous BJ that evening, Eddie told LeAnn that he actually LIKED her new cellulite and was sure those cute teenage girls were not laughing at her ass. It was almost too easy.

  11. Swearin

    They’re actually surfing on the exact amount of Vodka that Brandi Glanville drinks a day

  12. diversity hire

    So hot

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