1. More Money Than I Can Afford

    BIG TIME Photoshop job. Well done, aka no Matrix doorways.
    Looks like they scaled down her waist/bottom about 75%.

  2. Pixel much? This looks like 1987 porn…

  3. i see she found that old shoebox with the pics from 1991

  4. Looks like a scene from Leisure Suit Larry.

  5. Ruckus

    The Ice-Trays.

  6. Too bad she looks nothing like that in real life.

  7. John

    All that work using Photoshop and they still could not blend her bolt on tittays better? I’ve seen more realistic looking cleavage on Jar Jar Binks.

  8. Fuck yeah! She’s so beautiful.

  9. Not too bad….until you find out what’s waiting on the other side

  10. kafak

    Who the fuck’s face is on Coco’s body?

  11. Son of Flubber

    I’m surprised she doesn’t have a uni-boob.

  12. Coco, you’re a walking/talking Photoshop project made real. You really shouldn’t be using the software too.

  13. Coco posted this picture of who?

  14. The chair never bent that way before the photoshopping…

  15. This bitch is so shot out. I’ll be glad when and if PB tires of her.

  16. her body was never that nice. And whose head is that?

  17. oh, and if she or her surgeon wanted the “looks kinda like real tits”, it’s a miserable fail.

  18. Jenn

    I saw this and thought. “Wow, Jessica Simpson has lost some weight.”

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