1. He always gets nostalgic when they show a picture of Rihanna’s face after the incident… Good times…

  2. JimBB

    Your honor, I would like to once again remind you that my client is a traumatized victim here. He still has nightmares about the night that woman attacked him with her face!

  3. “Damn, yo. Why they always got to demonstrate? I didn’t do shit that way. That filthy ass court reporter needs punching.”

  4. Son of Flubber

    “Your honor, message of her dairy plump eye pokers, is NOT…I say NOT..assualt!! I rest my case.

  5. Washed-up rapper thinks of nothing but murder all day.

  6. cmonreally

    Why even break out the false worried expression? California courts are basically all the same:

    Judge: “This is a serious offense young man. You are showing yourself to be a danger to society. Do you have anything to say for yourself?”
    Celeb: “I’m a celebrity.”
    Judge: “Like I was saying, this is a seriously silly offense…”

  7. gotta..little something…in your nose

  8. timmyfigs

    honk honk!

  9. Brown’s lawyer is creating a shadow puppet…called the jack-ass-alope.

  10. “Okay your Honor, so Mr. Brown has been called is a self entitled prick. A young fucktard with anger issues who has been known to assault women of questionable intelligence. A Mental reject covered in Axe body spray and shitty tattoos…”
    “Counselor, This closing doesn’t put your client in a favorable light.”
    “Oh, I’m not his lawyer.”

  11. “Yawna, I aint been beatin no bitches.”

  12. “Dis how moose be.
    Gruntgrunt MOOOOoooooooooooo”

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