1. So fine, like it was sculpted from stone by the Greek gods and brought to life…
    Wait you mean it was… that explains so much and why I now need to change my underwear.

  2. And I thought “putting on makeup with a sawed-off shotgun” was a joke.

  3. Don Ho

    mecca lecca hi, mecca hiney ho…

  4. Hugh G. Rection

    No idea who she is, but I like a chick who puts her best face forward.

  5. dontkillthemessenger

    These guys are real professionals. I’d be halfway to County Jail by now…

    Oops, not me. I meant my friend would be.

  6. I am now a moon worshiping pagan.

  7. Her body is physical perfection. I’m willing to sell of several family members to make her mine.

    • Rasputin's Evil Twin

      Unless your family is remarkably good-looking, you’ll be disappointed with what you’ll get for them.
      Trust us on this one

    • Little Tongue

      I’d sell several family members just to see the look on their sorry faces when they learn what I did!

  8. George P. Burdell

    The newest A&E reality series: TSA – Cabo

  9. She’s such a little slut, I love it

  10. Really...?

    Sweet fucking holy fucking what the fucking hell hotness.

  11. malaka

    this lady’s butt crack looks like a most satisfactory place to comfortably position my wiener.

  12. Bob

    Realdoll people, why is there not one of these available in every color yet?

  13. I don’t remember any of dat ass! being in the “Blurred Lines” video. Now I feel cheated.

  14. Crying So Good

    Sweet jesus mary god of all that’s holy.

  15. This girl is sex.

  16. right

    Perfect. A nice view of her coin slot, not too much though.

  17. Interred Ferguson

    Am I the only one that sees something very rodent like about her face??…not that that would keep me from every inch of her for even a split second….and yes, she does have a face.

    • Interred Ferguson

      P.S. Assuming it’s not simply covered with makeup, I’m glad she doesn’t have a tramp stamp….although I did see a pretty amusing one recently…”MAXIMUM OCCUPANCY – TWO”

  18. JO JO

    I am female… with no lezbehonest tendencies … but this woman here gives me all kinds of action in the pants.. HOLY MOTHER!

  19. She’s a saint. And a healer. She just cured my non-boner that had been affecting me for the last, like, 3 minutes. What, it’s the internet.

  20. Jaime

    I am blessed to have a girlfriend that has a body exactly like this girl. Just as good looking too. And she’s low maintenance. The world is good for me.

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