1. SSHGuru

    She can have all the awards.

  2. Deacon Jones

    Who. The fuck. Is this???

  3. cc

    Kind of hot in a ‘I might be vinyl’ way.

  4. El Jefe


    Shut up and take my money.

  5. Pretty but now looks very generic. Giant implants and trashy tattoos do not make you look better, dear.

  6. “Hair Awards” sounds kinda gross; what do they give you, a furball?

  7. fuckface

    ‘scuse me while I punch the Bishop for a moment.

  8. fuckface


  9. spartacus

    She was a mediocre Page3 girl, then worked on a series called “The Real Hustle” earned some pennies and ought herself some bigger jumblies…. It’s an inspiring story, Where’s Ron Howard, lets make a movie!

  10. CK

    WTF is a “Hair Award”?

  11. arnieblackblack

    Long fucking neck awards – am I the only one seeing this?

  12. You can bet she didn’t win!

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