1. I wonder if the airline makes her check those bags.

  2. “OK…someone better get The Target Lady off my ass before I fucking strangle her.”

    • Blech

      There’s the Latina fire I know and love (and have)! We don’t fuck around. Salma’s little but she’s fierce!

  3. That is an amazing portable workout. Keep trying to pull those jcaket’s sides together, Selma. YOU CAN DO IT!

  4. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    Tits fly free!… Can you hear me tits?

  5. Da Cheese

    Tits don’t quit but the hairline is looking a little scary.

  6. cc

    Geez, what’s with the lady behind her? Is there a fun aspect to flying anymore?

  7. El Jefe

    I went straight to, you know damn well where my eyes went straight to.

  8. “Look at these. I don’t need to go through security.”

  9. Joaquin ingles

    “Okay now step through the scanner facing that way. Good. K now turn this way and walk through. That’s it! Okay now…”

  10. dontkillthemessenger

    All I see is a pair of big bombs and 2 terrorist-looking idiots in the background.

  11. JJ

    “Who’s got two thumbs and a huge rack? This chick!”

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