1. your mom

    LOOK AT MY TITS!!!! p.s. I have no make up on…

  2. “Kim Kardashian photographed with no makeup (in a dark room with a grainy camera phone and 30 minutes worth of photoshop).”

  3. SSHGuru

    Does she think anyone looks are her face?

  4. Superdouche

    First off, bullshit. Second, How vain do you have to be to point out “And I’m not even wearing any make up!” in your pics?

  5. Was this picture taken aboard the Costa Concordia ship that sank?

  6. EricLr

    If that’s wearing no makeup, how did she get those two black eyes?

  7. thekid

    Anybody who this that is fat, is stupid. Is one thing to not like her and another to call her fat.

    • Joaquin ingles

      Well I think she looks good from the front. The ass kills me though. If it weren’t for the ass I think she’d be a physically attractive woman.

  8. Thedumper

    She looks like the girl they created in Splice. She is trying to decide if the image in the mirror is food or not.

  9. Jimmy

    So this is what the fat cow looks like with no makeup on, okay like you dont have one drop of shit on your face okay, your eye lashes are just so natural looking like the fake shit!

  10. cc

    FedEx wonders who keeps stealing their pallet racking…mystery solved, it’s holding Kim K’s makeup.

  11. Deacon Jones

    Hey Kim, that chick from last week was hotter.

    Much hotter. You’re getting older and flabbier. Suck it.

  12. vader

    I would love to shit in her mouth. Vapid cunt

  13. Bonky

    She releases pics like this every few days. Is there any reason to do this other than being a total attention whore ?

  14. Mandy

    I think she’s gorgeous, but any woman can tell she’s wearing eye makeup (not to mention, probably foundation and concealer as well).

  15. KK-Hater



  16. pretty vacant

    “and I’m not even wearing any urine!”

  17. George P Burdell

    Tests of the world’s first photoshop mirror.

  18. SimoneDeB

    No makeup? It looks like someone opened a Sephora in her bathroom.

  19. yowillie

    She needs a pearl necklace.

  20. Anna

    Please just PLEASE go the fuck AWAY! WE DON’T GIVE A FLYING FUCK ABOUT YOUR FACE! Or ass, or anything else for that matter. I can’t take this Kardashian shit any longer. Get some dude to piss on you on video and become a millionaire. What does that say about where we’ve come to as a society. Ugh. Why can’t SHE date Chris Brown FFS? Yeah I said it.

  21. vlad

    the weight of her ass is making the room tilt to the right

  22. Keon

    Nice blurry picture, Madonna.

  23. spartacus

    utter cunt

  24. Whyask

    14:58 and counting – Quick, time to release another d-list black guy sex-tape!

  25. IKE

    Man! I look at those hips and just want to make a baby!
    Hip to waist ratio fellas! Hip to waist ratio…

  26. CK

    “When there’s no paparizzi around, I just grab my cell phone camera!”

  27. Napoupi

    I’ll to disagree. She’s obviously wearing a ton of makeup as usual…

  28. Kat

    I didn’t realise she could move her face so much. Thank the gods her ass is so enormous or we’d never recognise her!


  30. The only picture I want to see her put in the public is a box cover of her in a threesome with Wesley Pipes and Charley Chase. You came to the spot light as a porn star accept it like Pam Anderson did and you would still be the hottest thing on the planet. Right now you are just an annoying leche’ swallower, yes you did we all saw you drink the D list celebrity milk.

  31. bell

    She definitely has makeup on…look at her eyelids.

  32. somerandomchic

    Some of her makeup is probably tattooed on; for her, this *is* no makeup.

  33. Bigalkie

    Not seen, The Denver Nuggets. They are obscured behind her enormous, disgusting ass.

  34. shandanger

    does she not realize that she’s not in good shape? I mean, pear is a shape, just not a good one.

  35. Tony

    Bet her vagina lips flap in the wind like an old beaten and battered window shade.

    • Suzy

      Looking promising they all might finally go away, of course seeing their show on every time I crossed the E channel was what prompted me to cancel my cable.

      Only reason I click is the reassurance of you people. Thank you rational people. No makeup…..she really thinks we are as stupid as her.

      Disturbing how they use degenerate acts to self promote. Didn’t think they could get lower than Paris, but yes an entire family of Paris’s. Dont’ want to imagine who E will find next.

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