1. cc

    Oh my God, she’s using that shiny thing to hypnotize me into wanting to sleep with her…and it’s working!!!

  2. BlackAndWhiteMinstrel

    They’re lonely, they’re frustrated and Hawking won’t be back until the summer.

  3. Swearin

    Did Michael Bay exchange some of his explosions for giant letters?

  4. Supernova Vibrator?

  5. George P Burdell

    Victoria Secret models playing musical bra to find out who will get the next cover.

  6. fuckface

    only hot women shave their arms too. these, clearly, are not hot women.

  7. There were originally extra-terrestrial aliens in this picture. Who knew neuralizers changed a camera’s memories too?

  8. vlad

    JJ Abrams is doing Victoria’s Secret photoshoots now?

  9. okiedokie

    Is it me or Adriana Lima is turning into a crossdresser

  10. LeanbodyExtreme

    Nice looking also so very hot. Her dress also very Hottest.

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