1. karlito

    when herpes takes the form of a human being….tada!!

  2. In every picture there’s a guy in the background just realizing what Hepatitis smells like.

  3. Jade

    I swear I’ve already seen her wear this dress like 17 times already.

  4. It’s like someone ‘shopped an aging drag queen’s face to a moderately nice milf body. And the computer had a virus.

  5. Wheres my hat ?

    The guy behind is annoyed because he was about to use his flash to blind the paps, thus rendering him undetectable….

  6. Damn, she has killer legs…but then there’s her face.

  7. Her legs look really good, especially her thighs. The rest of her, however, is looking a bit long in the tooth.

  8. Please no flash photography ! It will startle the beast.

  9. the crazy betty


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