1. Juch

    Aww, where’s his top hat with a shamrock on it and his pot o’ gold?

  2. “I know he’s clawing for his life, but it really feels like this gerbil’s trying to tickle me from the inside!”

  3. (hehehehehe)

  4. AAHHH! “Is that a Vagina?”

  5. Inner Retard

    Then I “accidentally” bumped into him and he grabbed me right here. Tee-hee.

  6. Wheres my hat ?

    All you need is kill – and some platforms.

  7. angerinside

    “Haven’t made a good one since the 90′s but I’m still getting richer, so yes, to answer your question, the terrorists have won.”

  8. “It happened again. Get me a fresh diaper.”

  9. Max

    You’ll never get me Lucky Charms!

  10. the crazy betty

    kd lang?

  11. “Airwolf” reboot?

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