1. Samantha Ronson’s spray tan looks better than Amy Child’s.

  2. I have such instant, visceral hatred for this awful kid.

  3. contusion

    And every skateboarder in the country just said, “Awww fuck.”

  4. Whoever’s job it is to figure out if it’s Willow or Jaden in these photos deserves a raise. To buy a gun and shoot himself.

  5. So much douchebaggery in one person.

  6. I generally look down on rich kids who get a free ride in life, but please..Will, please give this kid a trust fund so he’ll go away.

  7. CrashHell

    Dude, either sag baggy jeans or wear skinny jeans properly. No more combining the two. Sagging skinny jeans? WTF!!! In 10 years, the kids will just walk around with their dicks out.

    • I have a dream – that one day, men of all colors and creeds will be freed of the oppressive shackles of pants. From the heights of the Alleghenies to the low hills of Georgia, let all men drive their ’96 trans am’s pantsless, drunk on moonshine, as our creator intended!

  8. BbyBluThghHghs

    Is that the boy or the girl?

  9. Jade

    Is this the son or the daughter? I always get them confused.

  10. “..Ah Got Ma Hair Dyed,
    Cheetahs n’ Shit,
    Would Ma Dad Lie,
    Dat it makes me Legit?! “

  11. Inner Retard

    How come celebs always have the most fucked up kids?!

  12. ThisWillHurt

    “I don’t wanna hear no more lip from you, right foot!”

  13. Where's my hat ?

    Someone get satan back on the phone please, I’m sure we had a deal involving my soul and this kids career for fucks sake.

  14. The supreme lord commander king of all douchebags has arrived. I loathe this little piece of shit so much.

  15. Axerty

    Why can’t this kid get shot instead of Bodie.

  16. Rick

    Friggin turd nugget.

  17. He’s not shooting a music video. He’s shooting his foot! And he be a bad mo-fo!

  18. I suppose it’s too much to hope for that the article was a misprint, and by ‘music video’ they really meant ‘snuff film’?

  19. the'

    so gangsta. what a clown. i think this is the girl

  20. So, do the Smith kids just have snap-on/snap-off genitalia at this point?

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