1. Runyon Canyon or Funyun Canyon?

  2. sexyman48

    Blob Kardashian. Nailed it.

  3. Has a tattoo of his dad on his forearm… I guess he needs visual cues in case someone asks…

    • CrashHell

      Dude, for the life of me, I thought that was Jerry Lee Lewis. No way this kid is that hipster, or smart, or anything of value.

  4. Please pick up after your Khloe, sir.

  5. tlmck

    Hopefully instead of stopping to pick up this hitchhiker, the car just heads straight for him and floors it.

  6. Who let Kanye near this one, too?

  7. Wheres my hat ?

    $3 for a ladies t-shirt with “You Can’t Touch This On the Front” – never been worn you say ?

  8. ThisWillHurt

    I don’t know a lot of pregnant women, but Kim has got to be the only one to grow beard stubble during her pregnancy.

  9. MooooOOOOOooooo!

  10. duh!

    Photoshop edit: A rope tied around his waist pulling his fat ass up the hill.

  11. JustWalkingMyUnicorn

    You should have posted pics of his ugly ass designer socks.

  12. Must…hike…to…Krispy Kreme!

  13. Wasn’t it just a few years back he was trying to get into male modeling? I guess that career option has gone down the shitter!

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