1. contusion

    Bill O’Reilly, seen here preparing for the inevitable “foot in mouth” moment that will happen at any second.

  2. “I wouldn’t even be here if I knew they allowed black men to come in! Seriously, stop laughing at my tiny penis!”

  3. Juch

    “Say, now that you’ve fetched me coffee and carried my bags, how about standing on my front lawn in a jockey outfit and holding a lantern?”

  4. karlito

    I’m Bill O’Riley BOY!! now go fetch me some watermelon and fried chicken.

  5. eze

    “WE’LL DO IT LIVE!!!!!!”


  7. O’Reily is such an ignorant asshole.

  8. “Well, Michael, have you ever hearrrd…of a loofah sponge?”

  9. Inner Retard

    He looks like the stereotypical angry old racist fart casting agents look for when they need a grumpy old man to bitch about not stepping on his lawn.

  10. Phoenix

    The thumbnail made me think it was Quentin. I guess we know what he has to look forward to in old age.

  11. Bonky

    “I swear, every time I see one of you people walk into a store or a restaurant I think World War III is going to break loose, but look at you, you act just like normal white people. Nobody back at the FOX studio is going to believe me when I tell them.”

  12. Of course he is wearing a Boston shirt, because he is just that kind of Masshole.

  13. Now fetch me my car boy

  14. hes doing the kim kardashian face pose too.


  16. Dish

    I love how in Beverly Hills you can spot two huge celebrities like Tom Hanks and Denzel Washington having a laugh outside a Coffee Bean!

  17. “I’ll be taking your drinks and whatever you got in this bag.”
    “…and I will stand here outraged with my hands on my hips protesting your actions under my breath what you are doing, but never confronting you as you walk away!”

  18. “SECURITY! This man is shoplifting beverages!”

  19. “Racist!!! I am NOT a racist! I am in NO WAYanti-ni**er, spic, gook, or kike…”

  20. “Hey Michael leave that money on the table, it’s called ‘a tip’ “

  21. the crazy betty

    does this liverspot ever shut his trap?

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