1. sexyman48

    Must be the Olsen they keep in the basement.

  2. moe

    Lana Del Rey is totally pre-fab (no pun intended): manufactured, artificial, and truly (so far, at least) talentless. She may get better, but she was foisted on us sheerly because of her vibe, look, and demeanor. Hot, but pathetic…

    • tlmck

      Whatever gave you the idea that the people running the music industry today have the first clue what music is? They are all bean counters and marketing folks.

      • moe

        Music industry types foisting this shit on us is one thing, but people are actually buying into her schtick. She’s getting to be a Big Deal, unfortunately. Mainly with the kind of folks who are into St. Vincent, Amanda Fucking (psht!) Palmer, etc. In other words, dumbfucks…

  3. I don’t know what to make of this woman. She’s just…there.

  4. Deacon Jones

    I like her

  5. I have no idea who the fuck this chick is. I keep hearing her name but I have no idea what she is famous for and her face is completely forgettable.

  6. cowboybuttsex

    Wednesday Adams sure has grown up

  7. I see Steven Buscemi has let his hair grow out.

  8. Can’t get past the bad collagen and pathetic attempts at being ‘edgy’ in her song lyrics. Ugh.

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