1. She can actually display emotion? Who knew?

  2. SIN

    Oh shit. He IS gay.

  3. “omg. Did he just chest hump another team mate? Well, it makes sense, because we are both about the same chest size”

  4. Juch

    “Dear Lord, I beseech you that I at least be once allowed to eat more than 100 calories at a meal, and that I never, never have to do a Spice Girls tour again. Oh yeah, and that David win his little running around game out there too.”

  5. She has a very wide range of facial expressions…all the way from angry to sullen.

  6. So this was her reaction to the previous picture

  7. Dana

    Geeze Victoria, don’t get TOO excited there.

  8. “Eeeeeeexcellent”.

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