1. contusion

    A Kabbalah costume party? Pinch me!

  2. When she says she’s gonna put on any ol’ thing, by golly she means it.

  3. I like that outfit on her. It covers the arms, the crotch, half the face …

  4. j/k

    Donnatella Versace is looking better these days.

  5. “Dita or Claire Daine? Which do want to wear out?”

  6. dontkillthemessenger

    Madonna’s costume is pretty good. She looks just as unattractive as the chick from NCIS.

  7. Jade

    Is Madonna too good for costume parties? She didn’t even try.

  8. That cup is actually full of lube. It’s the only way.

  9. Filming of the Boris & Natasha movie comes to a halt, as it was found Madonna was sleeping with Bullwinkle

  10. i didnt know madonna and gaga were that friendly.
    i didnt know gaga was so tall either.

  11. Indiana Jones

    Taylor Momsen has some SICK abs!!

  12. Pine Table Fever

    Which one is Madonna?

  13. Don Walls

    How is it that Madonna hooked up wish this Were I her….I’d get filled with every medicine know to man to prevent any kind of gene changing. Then again I could say the same for Madonna. They must be on their way to get dressed as I haven’t sent a costume yet. Just another day in

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