1. Reliant K

    He must brush with bacon toothpaste, and rinse with cheese burger mouthwash.

  2. something about the way her face is attacking his….

  3. it’s nice that they can share their tender private moments, staged and converted to black and white for artistic value.

    Social networking has increased public narcissism by several orders of magnitude.

    • I find it simultaneously hilarious and depressing as fuck how so many people think other people give a shit about what they’re doing.

  4. MarketingMike

    What a pretty picture. Who took it, Dad?

  5. Who took that photo?

  6. your tongue, my balls.

    Eric lovingly pre-chews chicken wings and feeds Jessica, like a mama bird while she sleeps.

  7. She must’ve read about the furnch fries and got turned on

  8. cmonreally

    Poor Jessica is so dumb that she thinks “sugar mama” is just a sweet little nick name that Eric calls her.

    • Yeah, what a dumb twat. She can’t do a fucking thing right. Except put together a net worth of $150 million. What a dipshit.

      • mk ultra

        Please explain how she “put together” that net worth. I’ll look forward to your tales of her astounding business acumen.

      • cmonreally

        Being rich and being intelligent do not always have a direct correlation. You can be an absolute dumb ass and have a ton of money.

  9. Minky Wail

    They’re snowballing gravy.

  10. If she was just smart enough to wipe the jizz off her chin, she wouldn’t have to photoshop it out.

  11. Jack Ketch

    He is kissing silicone. Nice nose hair, ewww. Gross. What’s next, his pubic hair? No shame.

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