1. Are you sure that’s not Richard Belzer?

  2. malaka

    so then i was like, emillio!!

  3. Inner Retard

    He never stops looking surprised that he keeps getting invited to events.

  4. “Marker” was a good show. I liked it.

  5. henri hill

    he doesn’t even recognize himself.

  6. JimBB

    48 Jump Street

  7. Capn Obvious

    Lose the earring Potsy…then get a haircut befitting your age…and then see if you can get a job. Like a job where you work. You work and then they pay you. You see how that works?

    Of course, it goes without saying that it should be a job that requires absolutely zero skill in any discipline. Fries will most likely be involved.

    You aren’t Laurence Olivier…and it’s been quite a few decades since Tiger Beat cared that you were alive. Report to your nearest fast food chain and get a nametag ASAP.

  8. Richard Grieco as Nicolas Cage in the ‘Tim Burton Story’.

  9. Pickle Nose

    Sometimes I get depressed about my life (9-5 job, 18 month old, wife that’s still trying to lose the muffintop, etc.) and think about the life that the “stars” lead. Soon reality sets in and I realize that being “famous” probably means hanging out with guys like this at events like this. Then I happily go home and let my kid throw spaghetti-o’s in my face.

    • cmonreally

      Don’t knock up your wife if you don’t want her to get fat.

      • Pickle Nose

        Not fat, just a little jelly-belly. Still love her, but let’s be honest, she doesn’t look like Joanna Krupa in a bikini. I guess I don’t look like Romain Zago either though, so fair is fair.

        My point was, I’m a regular guy who sometimes thinks it would be sweet to be famous. Then I think about hanging out with Richard Greico at the 50th Cinema Audio Society Awardsand I’m pretty stoked on my current life.

  10. maoix

    My hair is a bird; your argument is invalid.

  11. Where’s this guy been the past few months? Did he get a job?

  12. “I know it’s a big joke, ‘What’s Richard Grieco doing at an awards show,’ but what people don’t understand is—wait, someone’s getting up from their seat! Would you excuse me for a few minutes?”

  13. “A…am I back in the matrix?”

  14. Not sure about the new Burton-Spektor look, but at least he grew out of the Angel-Depp.

  15. crb

    Phil Spector? -Aren’t you in jail?

  16. WTF…??? This isn’t Richard Grieco. Richard Grieco looks like a ferret and always wears a hat.

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