1. $14.99 for lousy tank top? What do they think I am, made of money?

  2. Larry King

    Such a waste of suspenders. smh.

  3. jonnybravo

    lol urban outfitters on third street

  4. Inner Retard

    Hah, my sister made those. That reminds me she asked me to buy her freedom…. Excuse me, do you have these in green? No? Well, I did my part. And she says I’m turning Hollywood.

  5. What? No front view of her new bolt-ons? For shame!

  6. Where’s all the no ass comments?

  7. Is it good or bad that my boner doesn’t appear to mind the Urkel costume??

  8. “Siri, which shirt should I buy?”

  9. PassingTrue

    Coveralls with belt loops. Latest from the nerd warehouse. I guarantee it.

  10. Female equivalent of douchebag here, sorry.

  11. Chiara

    one of the most unsexy model ever seen after Suki Waterhouse…
    completely ass-less….
    face like an horse
    a shame for other models much much sexier and cute then her, but less paid

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