1. joe

    Poor kid’s got hair in his mouth now.

  2. “this kid just won’t nurse like you do….”

  3. Clutch

    “Eraserhead won’t breast feed. Thats odd.”

  4. She’s gotta keep cameras on Simon 24×7, cuz you know the instant no one is looking…

  5. Inner Retard

    Don’t know, kid. You can’t sing. Can’t even hold a high C. Why don’t you go back in the womb and cook for another few months. Your posture is awful… *BANG*… What?! What did I say, Lauren?!

  6. MarketingMike

    Look at the tits on Mama. Geez…
    The kid is just a prop.

  7. Remember that episode of Family Guy where Peter tried to breastfeed Stewie?

    I imagine that is what the kid’s face looks like in this moment.

  8. At least they gave the kid a normal name. Makes a change from the usual celebrity spawn.

  9. greenmeanie

    According to LaLeche League, the baby needs to get a good latch before the breast will produce milk. A hairy nipple will prevent latching and will result in uneven feeding. Also, it’s gross as all fuck.

  10. donkeylicks

    “And so, it was on the craggly mountain top of Crycor. I decided not to throw the baby off the cliff, but that he should suckle the meaty milk of my man breasts. For I shall nourish him with man milk. Mank!!!”

  11. “OUCH! This little motherfucker bites!”

  12. Swearin

    “Honey, I know how to do this; I cradled Paula’s head like this after every one of her pre-show benders.”

  13. Sparters

    nom nom nom

  14. SuperDave

    Nice to see Simon is sharing in the breast feeding of their infant.

  15. Only in America. And it just makes me so sad.

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