1. when going on a trip, don’t forget to pack the bags under your eyes.

  2. She actually looks pretty goddamn good. HILARY 2016!

  3. neen

    She is close to 40…give her some credit. Did I just defend Tara Reid???

  4. Whatnow

    Casted for the part – Broke Ass Ho.

  5. She needs some concealer for her concealer.


    yo Tara, next time dont pet the sharknado.

  7. Jesus, Fish!! Spoiler alert next time! Now we know why Ian needed the chainsaw!!

  8. Milwaukee Joe

    Oh, cool, they got The Emperor to make a cameo? Nice.

  9. Iggy Pop you are too old for stage diving

  10. emma Watson's Vagina

    looks like someone gave Jon Hamm a handjob.

  11. charlesatlas

    Remember gentlemen thats the best they can make her look.

  12. Her asking price has got to be falling.

  13. *Emperor’s voice ” I assure you. It is quite operational!”

  14. She fucking depresses me. She was so beautiful.

  15. PassingTrue

    She wanted the role, but she was stumped.

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