1. malaka

    just tap me on the head when you’re about to finish.

  2. “Did they just call me Michael J Fox?”

  3. donkeypunch

    thats a whole lotta foundation on his little face

  4. Bailey: And then you know, eventually she’ll fall for me. Claudia: Like a ton of bricks. Will: And why is that again? Claudia: Duh… He’s Bailey.

  5. cmonreally

    I don’t have a snide comment to make, I just wanted to say that this photo made me laugh because, mentally, I’m a child.

  6. I thought it was Michael J. Fox, but if it was, the bottle would be empty and his shirt would be wet.

  7. He looks like someone taking a break from his cubicle.

  8. Hcos

    He has very dainty lady hands, reverse Seinfeld.

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