1. Randal

    That jaw….

  2. joe

    Damned shame about that face.

  3. malaka

    at least she’s starting to figure out the right formula.
    more skin, less chin.

  4. Jesus Christ…I looked at this picture from the legs up, and that face is like hitting a pothole at 80mph. I think my penis is out of alignment now.

  5. Prof Griff

    Please god, let her get pregnant, and have Jay Leno’s love child. I just gotta know…

  6. alex

    I think she’s looking good. MUCH better post-op.

  7. buzz

    Hell I thought this was Emma Watson until I got to the Jaw.

  8. Her head is hogging all the carbs.

  9. Seeing her like this makes me want to call up Shia LaBeouf and ask to borrow his paper bag.

  10. Yippee kay yay I would fuck her.

  11. Man, that’s the best she ever loo…oh nevermind, the head.

  12. Keep the body, lose the face.

  13. Glasses aren’t enough. Try a welder’s mask, if you can find one that fits.

  14. PassingTrue

    Kristin Stewart never looked better.

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