1. Vah-J

    “Now I will take questions regarding my excellent, break out role, in ‘Blood Rain’”

  2. Inner Retard

    The man is a pro. That was the 18th question in a row about the Mandarin plot twist and not a twitch.

  3. Mike

    Thought it was Patrick Stewart for a second there.

    But Ben is just as good.

  4. buzz

    By the look on his face, someone must have suggest that he give his free Jaguar back because he wasn’t really the bad guy in Iron Man 3.

  5. ‘…and the best part of appearing in Iron Man 3? When I got paid.’

  6. “Now I want to do a little number called Tracks of My Tears, which was written and originally recorded by my very dear friend, Mr. Smoke Robertson.”

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